The Knicks superfan was banned from MSG for the playoffs

After so many years, the Knicks could play the playoffs as protagonists. A moment we’ve all been waiting for a long time, but someone won’t be able to fully enjoy it. A super Knicks fan has in fact been banned from MSG.

Larry Hutcher was banned from Madison Square Garden after his law firm sued the company last fall, he won’t be able to return to the arena any time soon. Hutcher was the lead attorney in a lawsuit against MSG filed by two dozen ticket resellers who said they violated New York City’s Cultural and Arts Affairs Act.

Madison Square Garden has been using facial recognition technology since 2018. But concern about politics reignited last fall when a series of corporate lawyers whose firms had sued MSG were barred from entering the company’s premises after being identified by facial scanners on the premises.

New York Attorney General Letitia James warned MSG owner James Dolan that the policy could violate human rights protections. Some state lawmakers are seeking to end MSG’s 10-year tax exemption, and the State Liquor Authority has threatened to revoke its liquor license. None of these efforts will provide Hutcher any relief though.