The Knicks roster may have a “veteran presence” next season

Leon Rose’s arrival as president of the New York Knicks means that the change is going beyond the position of head coach.

SNY’s Ian Begley talked about how he thinks the Knicks roster will appear next season as he appears as a guest on ESPN Radio in New York with Larry Hardestry on Monday.

“I think you will see a strong presence of veterans on the roster,” said Begley. “It’s not like they were going to roll the ball and have a group of 19, 20, 21 in the rotation.”

Begley noted that Tom Thibodeau remains the leader for the coach, and while Rose will likely try to reinforce the roster regardless of who leads the sidelines, it is logical to believe that Thibs would be a supporter of adding some veteran pieces. The coaches want to win, and it is very difficult to win with a team full of teenagers and players in their early twenties.

The Knicks have a young core in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, along with their impending lottery selection and two further draw projects, which will all be part of the 2020-21 roster unless something completely off the left field emerges on the market. commercial.

However, it is difficult to imagine that one of the other young players already on the roster has a secure position under Rose, both for staying with the team next season and for playing important roles.