The Knicks rebounders will generate second chance points and lead to the win against the Pacers

The Knicks’ rebounding ability is nothing new. But examining a team’s rebound in the playoffs in a single round is tricky given that the results depend largely on your opponent. But looking at the results of an 82-game season is certainly statistically significant. And this is an area where the Knicks have a big advantage. New York was the fifth-best rebounding team this season, while Indiana finished 28th.

Additionally, New York also led the league in offensive rebounds this season. And that trend was highlighted time and time again in their first-round playoff series. In other words, the Pacers will have to work diligently to prevent New York from generating second (and third) possessions and dominating through second-chance buckets.

But keeping any team off the glass is easier said than done, especially when we’re dealing with friends like Josh Hart, Hartenstein and Robinson. The Knicks will win the rebounding battle against Indiana. And as we know, the team that won the rebounding battle in each of the Knicks’ first-round games emerged victorious.

Ultimately, the Knicks are simply a little too deep and physical. They rebound the ball and defend too well for Indiana to realistically win four out of seven games, but the Knicks need to slow down the pace of the game. Adding Pascal Siakam was an interesting move at the 2024 trade deadline. But the Knicks are a little too much for the Pacers to handle. Knicks in six.

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