The Knicks play elite level defense

The New York Knicks have proven, when healthy, that they are one of the best teams in the NBA. Even when they are not at full strength, they are not an easy team to face given the level of physicality they bring to the pitch.

When you face the Knicks, you know what you’re getting into. They will play hard every night and continue to fight until the final whistle. If you don’t reach that intensity, they will kick you out of the gym.

Unlike some NBA teams, New York has an identity that it can rely on every night. Under Tom Thibodeau, the Knicks will crash the scoreboard and play tough defense, making their opponent earn every point.

Even during the team’s recent struggles with the absence of several key players from the lineup, New York has been competitive. The level of heart and commitment brought to the field every night is something other teams can’t keep up with.

Over the last five games, what the Knicks have accomplished on defense is truly amazing. In the current NBA, offense reigns supreme. Players and teams set scoring records seemingly every night; that is, unless they play in New York.

Five opponents in a row, and six of the last seven, have been held under the 100-point threshold. In those five consecutive games, the Knicks have allowed just 422. They are the first team in over six NBA seasons to hold opponents to that number of points, a truly impressive feat considering how offensive the league has become.