The Knicks may get rid of Evan Fournier early

The Knicks have a disgruntled guard on their roster, though he’s no match for Harden’s caliber. Evan Fournier has not asked for a trade but has made it known that he wants to be part of a team where he can give his contribution. As the season approaches, Fournier has begun to be more realistic about his chances of starting 2023-24 in New York, but he will likely be traded before the February deadline.

In an effort to rid the Knicks of Fournier and his contract, Bleacher Report has created a business idea for New York. Unsurprisingly, the deal calls for the Knicks to get Embiid in return.

The Knicks would include Joel Embiid in this proposal and also PJ Tucker. The 38-year-old is nearing the end of his NBA career but continued to be a defensive force at Philadelphia in his first season with the team. Tucker certainly isn’t a scorer, though.

New York fans wouldn’t object to parting ways with Evan Fournier, and maybe not even RJ Barrett, who will almost have to be traded for a star. The biggest objection would come from the inclusion of Immanuel Quickley in the trade, but the Knicks won’t be able to pull this off by not giving up Quickley or Quentin Grimes.