The Knicks’ “dream” target would involve a trade package around Julius Randle

The New York Knicks have long been rumored to have an interest in Mikal Bridges, forming the final piece of the Villanova Knicks. Listing all the “dream” trade targets for all NBA teams, Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report listed Bridges for the Knicks. However, he wrote that the trade package would rely on Julius Randle.

“With Jalen Brunson as the leading scorer, Bridges can play a complementary offensive role, halfway between his responsibilities with the Suns and Nets.

“A trade based on Bridges and Julius Randle would make sense, as the Nets would want winning pieces in return,” Swartz wrote . “A starting five of Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo, Bridges, Anunoby and Isaiah Hartenstein/Mitchell Robinson with Hart as the sixth man could be the toughest and most physical in the league.”

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