The Knicks’ big offseason dilemma

ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks explained to SNY details about those trade packages, the value of Julius Randle, the financial reason behind the Knicks’ rejection of Derrick Rose‘s player option, and more. In short, Marks likes where New York is right now.

“The Knicks are in a better position now than they were when they lost to Atlanta in 2021. They’re in a tremendously better position,” Marks, who has a detailed analysis of the Knicks’ offseason on “Jalen Brunson is a franchise player. The question for the team now is, “Do you have a solid #2?” If you don’t, what’s the cost to go out and get one of those players? There’s a significant cost to that.”

The Knicks’ dilemma is therefore to bet on internal improvement of their roster or make significant changes through the trade market.