Taj Gibson can re-sign with the Knicks at a cheaper price

Taj Gibson could re-sign with the Knicks at a cheaper price.

Once considered one of the biggest strongest men in the league who provided quality, defense and finish rebounds, Taj moved on to mentoring the New York Knicks this season.

Although he started 56 of his 62 games with the team, Taj spent most of his time guiding and tutoring Knicks’ great man, Mitchell Robinson, as he continues to develop. He has built a strong relationship with the 22 year old and embraces the role of mentor.

Taj Gibson said this about his relationship with Robinson in a NY Post report:

“I train with him every day,” said Gibson. ‘He and I go on the field and train together, we shoot together with foul shots. I’m just trying to improve it. “

“He works hard. He listens to me and understands what he has to work on. Every day we challenge each other. I try to make him understand the game and learn. Because at the moment he is so talented, he is just playing with pure talent.”

Taj was inducted into the initial lineup when Mitchell Robinson fought early in the season due to injuries and serious problems, but he always knew he would keep Robinson warm once the coaches David Fizdale and Mike Miller deemed him appropriate.

Gibson’s strong relationship with Robinson gives the Knicks every reason to keep him around. Mitchell Robinson is the team’s future and if he feels comfortable with Gibson as a mentor, there is no reason for the Knicks to let him go. It is rare for a player like Gibson to sacrifice a significant role and play time for nurturing a young player.

Gibson is still productive and consistent at his age. Although his $ 9.45 million option this summer is steep, the Knicks would not lose players like Christian Wood if they accept.

If the salary limit dips dramatically, the Knicks could reject Gibson’s option and bring it back to a cheaper price.

His role as a veteran is important to the Knicks, and if Tom Thibdoeau is the team’s coach next season, you’d better believe he wants one of his key boys in Chicago and Minnesota to be present.