Stan Van Gundy: “Tom Thibodeau is a great coach and he will make the most of the potential of the Knicks”

Stan Van Gundy spoke to The Post about Tom Thibodeau’s hiring of the Knicks:

I think it’s a great assumption because they need to bring real stability to that organization, number 1, and structure, and Tom will bring a great structure to that organization. Everyone will know exactly what is expected on a daily basis. They will develop their young players as professionals because they will know what is expected. It will set high standards, it will impose them. It will show kids what they need to do to become successful NBA players. And Tom’s teams have always played hard, with an advantage. Tom has an advantage for him, and I think the New York teams, at their best, have an advantage for them, and Tom will take him to the Knicks, and I think he will be very successful there. Now, if we talk about a lot of success in terms of wins and losses, their roster still has a long way to go. Tom is a great coach, but their roster isn’t ready for big success right now. But Tom will maximize the talent he has been given.