Spike Lee talks about his relationship with James Dolan

Spike Lee does not bite his tongue when he mentions the Knicks owner James Dolan. “The Knicks were the last thing that came to my mind during this whole pandemic. I was already recording that I wasn’t going to be in a regular season game this year and that was something. “

The legendary filmmaker hit his head with Dolan in March, when a video emerged of him yelling at the security guards outside an elevator in Madison Square Garden suggesting that he be kicked out of the arena. A Knicks spokesman said the allegations were false and Lee was simply asked to use a different entrance.

Lee said he was not surprised by Dolan’s moves. Especially after he reportedly released an internal memo to MSG employees defending the company’s decision not to issue (before it was released) a statement on George Floyd’s death.

“This didn’t surprise me,” said Lee. “I already commented and said my answer was that I wasn’t surprised.”