Reasons why the Knicks should target Zach LaVine

The New York Knicks must take the next step in their attempt to win the Eastern Conference. Already several stars have been linked to the Knicks, among them is one-star player who has been named as a possible trade candidate this offseason that I believe the Knicks should explore as a priority: Zach LaVine.

According to a recent report, the Chicago Bulls have quietly gauged commercial interest around the league in LaVine. That’s not to say the Bulls are looking to trade LaVine or approach the offseason in a way that would suggest they’re ready to rebuild, but I also don’t think they’d turn down an offer they can’t refuse.

LaVine would be exactly what the Knicks need in the backcourt alongside Jalen Brunson as a secondary scorer who could help take some of the pressure off him.

Zach LaVine is definitely the star player the Knicks should be targeting.