Reasons why the Knicks should make a trade for Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brogdon was the man who beat Quickley to the Sixth Man of the Year award last season, making him a natural choice to replace that production in this Knicks lineup. He is currently putting up 14.9 points, 3.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists on 45% two-point shooting and 41.3% three-point shooting in Portland.

The Blazers sit at 10-26, bottom five in the league, after trading away their star player, Damian Lillard, this offseason. They should be interested in moving Brogdon, a veteran signed through 2025, to a more competitive team in exchange for draft capital.

If New York can get him for one of their protected picks and fill the salary, he would be a great boost off the bench and could even close out some games depending on his performance.