Randle’s wife responds to Kenyon Martin’s criticism: “He should think about real issues”

The Knicks had their share of problems leading up to a playoff exit against the Heat, but the issue former NBA forward Kenyon Martin fixated on doesn’t appear to be a problem at all.

Martin went to Gilbert Arenas’ “Gil’s Arena” show and lambasted Julius Randle for kissing his wife Kendra right after the Knicks’ Game 5 win over Miami, saying, “Is that the first thing you do? Where’s your mentality? I mean, that was the first thing he did”.

That didn’t sit well with Randle’s wife, who took to Twitter to respond to Martin.

“We both grew up in single-parent homes. We never saw our fathers respect our mothers. I am so thankful that my children grow up watching their father be the best father and husband,” she said, adding in a sequel-up tweet that Martin should “talk about real issues”.