News on the future of Donovan Mitchell linked to the Knicks

The Cleveland Cavaliers shocked the NBA world when they acquired All-Star shooting guard Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz last summer. 

Mitchell helped elevate the Cavaliers to another level during the 2022-23 season. They made the playoffs for the first time without LeBron James being on the roster since 1998 and the Louisville product was a big reason why.

Based on all reports, it sounds as if Mitchell won’t be long for Cleveland. Many NBA analysts believe that he will leave the first chance that he gets, with New York being a popular destination. His uncertain long-term outlook became even shakier when ESPN’s Brian Windhorst confirmed no extension will be coming this offseason.

“I don’t think under any circumstances he was ever considering extending this season, and I think the Cavs knew that when they traded for him,” Windhorst said.