NBA on the way back: in 2-4 weeks the decision

In 2 or at most 4 weeks: according to ESPN, NBA commissioner Adam Silver is convinced that between late May and mid June the league will be able to make the decision whether to resume the championship or not, and after the last (virtual) meeting with the NBA owners the impression is that IT is back on the field, to resume – and complete – the season interrupted on March 11th.

The optimism that emerged after the last board of governors is basically due to the confidence in the league’s ability to minimize the risks of a possible return, a return that would not be put in crisis even by the onset of a new positivity among athletes: “If we were convinced that we had to stop everything again for a single positive test, then we wouldn’t even have to start returning to the pitch,” Silver would have said.

Confirmed the rumors about the desire to rely on a maximum of two “bubble” locations (favor the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and Las Vegas) where to organize a “university campus style environment” in which players and staff would live continuously during the period necessary to end the season.

The news that 22 of the 30 training centers of the NBA teams should be reopened should also be reopened by the beginning of next week, while there is still indecision on the format to be adopted when returning to the field.

Three, in this case, the most popular options: involve all 30 teams and complete the regular season; devise a mini-tournament that allows teams competing to play again to deserve access to the playoffs; go directly to the playoffs (16 teams) based on the ranking on 11 March.