Leon Rose praises the young core of the team

New York Knicks president Leon Rose was interviewed by Mike Breen of MSG Networks on Wednesday night on the “MSG 150 At Home”. The interview marked the first time Rose has spoken publicly / virtually since joining the organization in February.

Among the many topics discussed were the team roster, which includes several young players and / or lottery selections. Rose stated that RJ Barrett, the Knicks ‘first round pick for 2019, and Mitchell Robinson, the Knicks’ second round pick for 2018, are “two young core cores”.

Barrett has averaged 14.3 points, five rebounds and 2.6 assists per game, shooting 40.2 percent from the field and 32.0 percent from beyond the bow this season. Robinson averaged 9.7 points, 7.0 rebounds and two blocks per game while shooting 74.2% of the best NBA from the field.

Rose expressed enthusiasm for some other young players on the team.

“I can’t wait to work with Kevin [Knox]. I think he just started scratching the surface, “said Rose.” Frank Ntilikina, given the right circumstances, I think it can really thrive. And Dennis Smith, he’s a special talent right there”.

Knox, the choice of the first round of the Knicks for 2018, averaged 6.4 points and 2.8 rebounds per game, shooting 35.9 percent from the field and 32.7 percent from beyond the arc in this season.

Ntilikina, Knicks’ first-round 2017 pick, scored 6.3 points and three assists per game on average, shooting 39.3 percent from the field and 32.1 percent from beyond the bow this season.

Smith, acquired as part of last season’s return of the Knicks in the trade that brought Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks, scored 5.5 points and 2.9 assists per game on average, shooting 34.1 percent off the field and 29, 6 percent over the arc this season.

Rose also told Julius Randle, who has just concluded the first season of a $ 63 million three-year contract, as one of “some solid veterans” who are likely to return for the 2020-21 NBA season. Randle averaged 19.5 points and 9.7 rebounds per game while shooting 46.0 percent off the field and 27.7 percent over the arc.