LaMarcus Aldridge, right man for the Knicks?

The Knicks front office believes it is well positioned for next season. Like every year, the Knicks try to catch an NBA star. This year there is greater optimism also for the arrival of Leon Rose who will lead the operations. As usual, many rumors are already circulating about names alongside the Knicks. Among the many there are those of LaMarcus Aldridge or DeMar DeRozan. Both could in fact leave the Spurs that this year, after 23 years, will not play the playoffs.

DeRozan can refuse his player option and join a free agency. Aldridge will turn 35 in July, but he is still a forward productive power that could fit well alongside Mitchell Robinson. He can simplify the game for the emerging shooting guard RJ Barrett as a player who can receive the ball in the low or high post and convert constantly. Aldridge would not have asked for a very high price at 35, which may be the best reason for doing so.