Knicks, would the trade with Paul George be useful?

The ClippersPaul George‘s name has been linked to the Knicks again. George is the kind of star fans of all 30 teams would die to have, when healthy.

Paul George would fit very well into the Knicks scheme as a go-to stopper, perimeter switcher, and weakside sidekick. The biggest negative in George’s case is his availability, as he hasn’t won 60 games played in four seasons and is just getting old.

He would be a great signing for the Knicks, but given the risk profile, price will ultimately determine whether New York should be interested.

If they were faced with, say, RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, salary filler, and multiple unprotected first-round picks, it would be an all-in move that suspends the team’s future success on George’s lap. If it’s just Barrett and a mix of picks, the Knicks retain some of their flexibility and resources, making George’s bad side that much more palatable.