Knicks, Thibodeau: “Randle is an example especially for younger players”

Julius Randle has improved a lot and is playing his best season of his career.

According to Thibodeau, Randle’s hard work to improve his shooting was not only a boon to the Knicks attack as a whole, but he was also a prime example for the younger players on the team who put the extra work behind them. fifth goes a long way. .

“By adding the three-point shot to his game, he already had all the other things – off the dribble, the post-up, and then adding that three really changed things not just for him but for our team,” he said. called Thibodeau. “I think having a four-way stretch is a necessity in today’s game. He’s shooting it very confidently, he takes a lot of work, he’s a fantastic worker, and then when you add directing now, he’s doing a great job with that, so we can play through him a lot in different ways.

“He continues to work a lot. He participates in all the night shots, and is a great example for our young boys. You’re talking about a guy who has been in the league for a while and keeps improving, and that’s what you want all your players to do. “