Knicks, so many candidates to interview is a symptom of confusion

As noted, the Knicks had put together a compelling list of coaching candidates, in which only Thibs and Mike Woodson were the typical candidates for reconstruction. Their list of candidates has been truly intriguing and taken by many as a good sign that Leon Rose may actually know what he is doing.

So the Knicks realized that that list wasn’t Knicksy enough and now they have added Jason Kidd and Mike Brown to the list.

The funny thing is that if you foolishly attacked some fool “Thibs must be a good coach! See the percentage of winners in his career! “Argument, so you should definitely say that Mike Brown is even more impressive, since he has an even higher career percentage than Thibs (and has brought a second team to the playoffs and has won a series of playoffs, which is more than Thibs did). And both have Coach of the Year awards. But luckily, most of us understand how stupid it is. “Look at his winning percentage!” sounds, otherwise we push for Tyronn Lue, who also has a higher payout percentage than Thibs and is the only one of the three coaches (Thibs, Brown and Lue) to have won a title as a coach.

But this list of candidates, which seems to be endless, also denotes that there is a lot of confusion within the Knicks. There is no guideline to follow, only names of coaches to interview. Is this good for the Knicks? We think not. The risk of starting a new era without any program is really high and real.