Knicks, scenario trade for Mitchell Robinson

Last summer Mitchell Robinson expressed his dissatisfaction with how Tom Thibodeau used him. The situation has changed little and Robinson could leave the Knicks.

Dallas needs a third option. If that’s not good enough for Robinson, he’ll have career-long problems. Indeed, he will have to earn even a lot.

However, there will be opportunities for him on a top-level Dallas team.

On the other hand, that’s not the main reason the Mavericks make this deal. They make it because they need a defensive anchor. This is a role Robinson can definitely play for them.

What should the Knicks do?

The Knicks would trade Robinson if he was truly unhappy. In all likelihood, they’ll be talking to him this summer.

Perhaps his point of view has changed. The Knicks made a run to the second round of the NBA playoffs this year. If Robinson enjoyed that taste of success in New York, he might suddenly be interested in staying.

If not, the Knicks should transfer him. They will get a lot in return for him. Robinson is one of the best fullbacks in the NBA.