Knicks Rumors: LaMelo Ball’s father explains why his son is perfect for New York

Credit: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

Basketball fans now know a lot about LaVar Ball. The noisy father of NBA player Lonzo Ball is back on the scene while his youngest son, LaMelo, is slated to be chosen in the NBA 2020 Draft. And if it were up to him, LaMelo would go to the New York Knicks.

“Oh yes, until the end,” LaVar said when asked if he wanted his son to be drafted from New York on the Say Less podcast with Kaz.

LaVar made no secret that he hopes to see LaMelo wear a shirt with New York on his chest next season. Appearing on FS1’s Undisputed in early March, he said the Knicks are the “best fit” for the ball manager who played in the Australian-based National Basketball League (NBL) last season.

SNY later reported that there are people in the LaMelo circle, in addition to his father, who would like to see the high guard call Madison Square Garden home. Those who know the directing point guard clearly believe that it is made for the bright lights of Broadway.

LaVar continues to speak in existence.

“[The Knicks] have nothing.” LaVar continued. “Last time they won a championship in the 70s. The bright lights. You need a completely new twist over there. The person I want to see him play with, he must know, if you get “Melo, you’re getting” Gelo […] And after that, you have a chance to get “Zo. You don’t need a person to switch franchises. You need everything. cultural change and this requires all three of my kids […] It would be the greatest NBA show ever.

LaVar dreams of seeing his three children play on the same team in the NBA, so why not in New York? Lonzo is currently in the third year of his rookie scale contract in New Orleans, while LiAngelo has recently signed up to play Oklahoma City Blue in the G-League.

For the Knicks, LaMelo could be the perfect couple. Two days before LaVar’s comments on Undisputed, Leon Rose took over as team president. The ex-great CAA wig wants nothing more than to take a dip with a player like LaMelo to finally give Knicks fans the point guard they craved from the seemingly days of Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

The ball is reportedly the top guard at the top of the Knicks board. With the sixth best chance in the lottery, there is a 37.2% chance that they will land with one of the top 4 choices, which is what could be used to secure Ball.

Of course, New York could always use their extra capital: they have the Clippers’ first round this year and two first-round extras from Dallas to exchange if the ping pong balls don’t make their way.