Knicks Rumors: Danilo Gallinari could have a big impact in New York

Danilo Gallinari had a stellar season with the Thunder, with an average of 19.2 points per game on 41% from three (3 made in threes per game). It started showing more signs of durability and consistency after several seasons shortened by injuries. He was favored by fans with advanced stats due to his ability to make the three and go wrong. This season, Gallinari has spent much of his time in the power forward position, stretching the floor for Thunder.

The acquisition of Gallinari will not be cheap as it is due for a 3-year/$64 million payday he received on his current deal. At the age of 32, this could be his last major long-term affair. There are many teams interested in Gallinari, but the Knicks may be one of the few who have the margin to sign.

The biggest questions with the Italian forward concern his injury history and the direction of the roster. Engaging a long-term contract with Gallo, given its lack of duration, is still a significant risk. In addition, signing Gallinari indicates that the team is trying to contend. This contrasts with the direction taken by the team in recent seasons, in which the lottery choices have outweighed the victories.

However, it is undeniable that Gallinari is a winning player and that his teammates will benefit from his impact on both ends of the floor.