Knicks, Randle’s future is still in New York

While it’s not a lock that Randle will be selected as an All-Star, Randle has helped change the energy around the Knicks, an energy that hasn’t been felt in a long time. Things are just different.

With this new front office, coaching staff and group of players, everyone wants to see every person get results. Having a leader like Randle who is currently experiencing the highs this season and experienced the lows last season is a good thing to have because he of all people knows you can’t go too high or too low.

It is understandable why the word “trade” comes to mind when thinking of Julius Randle. Its value is amazing right now thanks to its production and it has a squad option which means other teams will want it.

The Knicks are currently building something right now and it looks like they are going in the right direction. A winning culture needs to be established for the franchise to not only get marquee free agents, but regain credibility, not just across the league but for those looking across the globe.

Trading Randle this season would just bring back the same old narratives that have plagued the franchise for a long time, regardless of whether the team gets choices or young players.

Questions like “Why should they trade their best player”, or the saying “The Knicks are going to Knicks”, is tiring.

The New York Knicks no longer want to be the media punching bag, and with Randle’s play he helped reduce the negative narrative.

Aside from Coach Thibodeau, Randle is the main reason the Knicks are getting the notoriety they deserve this season. He is helping to establish the culture and the whole team is following his example.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but what is known is that Randle has earned his support.