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Knicks: Jeff Van Gundy is thrilled with Quickley’s rise

Jeff Van Gundy praised the mastermind who enlisted Immanuel Quickley, the Kentucky rookie point guard, selected 25th.

In an interview with The Post about Knicks 7-8, Van Gundy, unsolicited, is thrilled with Quickley’s rise, comparing him to the Knicks who drew Charlie Ward at number 26 in 1994.

“Whoever was charged with writing Quickley must have an article dedicated to him,” Van Gundy commented with the Knicks sitting sixth in the Eastern Conference. ‚ÄúThis was a guy considered to be a round two pick. Someone went to bat for this guy and wanted this guy. He gives them real hope from an offensive point of view.

He can draw fouls. He can shoot. He plays with great enthusiasm and energy. This is a Charlie Ward type choice for me. A guy who has been drafted low, but can be a good player for a long time, most likely a starter somewhere in his career. He is a very good draft choice”.