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Knicks: Elfrid Payton proves to have a great team spirit

Elfrid Payton has survived all the point guards coming to keep the job as a starter for the second consecutive season, even going back to Immanuel Quickley rookie.

Social media fans have been clamoring that Quickley should start before Payton, but the 26-year-old point guard silenced them with his solid MLK day performance: 12 points, four assists, two steals and more-20 in. a 91-84 victory over the Magic. He punctuated the exit with an overwhelming fourth quarter dunk on a sneaky journey down the lane.

“I don’t pay attention to any of you,” Payton said after Monday’s win. “No disrespect, I’m just worried about what’s going on with this team. And cheer on the boys. Be it Quick’s night, be it Julius [Randle ]’s night, be it RJ [Barrett’s] night, be it Austin’s night. Whoever is rolling and giving us the best chance of winning, that’s what we should have on the pitch. ”