Knicks Draft: Vernon Carey Jr. is an underestimated prospect

It is obvious that the facade of New York Knicks needs to be rebuilt. With the exception of the coveted Mitchell Robinson, no one else in the register seems to cut it.

Julius Randle doesn’t adapt to the team and if the organization wants to see RJ Barrett progress upwards, it makes sense to find a new home for Randle. Bobby Portis is unlikely to return next year because of his contract. The Knicks could bring Taj Gibson back, but more as a mentor and not as a starting point.

That’s why it’s important for New York to do due diligence to add talent and versatility to the competition field for the next season. The NBA 2020 Draft includes some great talented men who could end up as good solutions for the Knicks.

One of the biggest big guys in this draft is Duke Vernon Carey Jr., who was one of the best college basketball players of the past season.

Carey Jr. was Duke’s main focal point last season, leading the team in points, rebounds and blocks. The son of an offensive former linesman, Carey Jr. shows that athleticism runs well in the family.

With an average of 17.8 points, 8.8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game last season, Carey Jr. was a force inside, shooting nearly 58 percent from the field. The McDonald’s All-American game 2019 earned him honors as a second-team All-American, first-team All-ACC and ACC Rookie of the Year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this March eliminates the chances of seeing tournaments. Players like Carey Jr. could have used March Madness as a backup draft. NBA teams take a serious look at tournaments when scouting players because the level of competition is at its peak.

At 6 feet-10, the 270-pound left-handed center can run the floor on both ends. Although he will most likely have to lose some weight to the next level, Carey Jr. still has his strength and athleticism to rely on.

Carey Jr. is a good post-up player, who uses his strength and frame to dominate the interior. He also has good footwork and speed in the post, which can be surprising because of his stature, and he uses his touch to finish in the post.