Knicks, Bruce Brown may be an ideal target

While a flashy move like a swap for Karl-Anthony Towns may be seen as the more exciting option, considering the success they have proven to have in 2022-23, there is an argument to be made that executing smaller and more strategic stuffing better coming off the roster would be the best course of action for the Knicks this summer.

Should that be the case, New York looks to add simpler names by simpler means like that of Denver Nuggets guard Bruce Brown. While Denver is unlikely to let go of Bruce Brown, he would be the ideal piece for Tom Thibodeau.

If Brown were to turn down his player option (worth $6.8 million) in search of a higher payday, what bodes well for a team like the Knicks is that they would be able to offer more money than the Nuggets using their $12.2 million non-taxpayers’ exception.