Knicks, Bradley Beal is a goal but the contract threatens to block everything

Bradley Beal is one of a group of high-profile shooting guards the Knicks have been discussing internally over the season as potential trade options this summer.

The Knicks have been talking about dozens of players as potential trade targets this summer. But the feeling I had about Beal was that the Knicks were doing more than just scrolling through a long list of players when they talked about them.

Despite a series of injuries, 96 games missed in the last four seasons, Beal is still an elite scorer. He averaged 23 points a game on 50% shooting last season.

The Knicks could certainly use the score. But Beal’s contract ($251 million over four years remaining) is onerous. If the Knicks traded for Beal, they likely would have at least $90 million tied up with three players.