Knick legends speak again on Carmelo Anthony’s number retirement

Carmelo Anthony stepping away from the NBA hardwood has officially turned the debate about whether his No. 7 would reach the ceiling at Madison Square Garden. A Brooklyn native, Anthony returned home to New York in a trade to Denver in 2011. Seven eventful seasons yielded countless memories…only one of which was a postseason series win.

Two of Anthony’s potential MSG beam neighbors, Bill Bradley and Walt “Clyde” Frazier, had the chance to speak about Anthony’s case at the premiere of the latter’s one-man show “Rolling Along” at the Tribeca Film Festival in June . Each would welcome the company’s immortality in Manhattan, albeit with a few minor caveats. Bradley, who received the honor seven years after retiring him in 1977, would be willing to admit Anthony but preached patience.

“I think Carmelo has had a great career,” Bradley told the All Knicks. “I think there’s a certain amount of time you have to stand out before people honor you (but) I’d love to see him up there, why not?”

Frazier, retired New York prime issue owner, was also welcoming, though he invited other stars from New York’s past to join him and Anthony.

“Yeah, definitely,” Frazier told the All Knicks. “I (also) think Bernard King, maybe Allan Houston, (John) Starks eventually, those guys are very worthy”.