Kenny Atkinson has growing support in organizing the Knicks

From almost the time the New York Knicks moved from David Fizdale to team leader, Tom Thibodeau was a name that was continually connected to work. So over the past two months, it has become real.

Thibodeau has been reported to have been a “heavy favorite” for the job recently and while it is unclear whether this has changed or not, but the team, at a minimum, should interview a few other candidates.

One of those (besides current interim head coach Mike Miller) who should get at least one interview is Kenny Atkinson, who was recently fired from the Brooklyn Nets days before the NBA fell on hiatus.

Interestingly, it doesn’t stop there. According to SNY.TV’s Ian Begley, there is internal support for Atkinson.

While there is no specific timetable for the Knicks head coach search, there is legitimate internal support within the organization to appoint Kenny Atkinson as the next manager, league sources tell SNY.

It is difficult to assess whether this is just a small minority voice who wants or loves the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAtkinson being hired by the Knicks, or if there is a growing contingent that would make it a substantial idea. In all likelihood, it is probably still a safe bet to consider Tom Thibodeau as a favorite for winning the job. However, it appears that Atkinson should be viewed as a serious candidate.

And there is much to appreciate about its possibilities. Atkinson has shown some promises during his time as a network manager, helping them lead the after-sales season a year ago and helping develop some of their young talent over the past two seasons.

Do you think he could do the same for the Knicks in the next two seasons? It would be foolish not to think so. New York may not have a list ready to compete or even make the playoffs, but they have a young and potentially promising talent.

It would be wise, at least for the Knicks, to seriously consider Kenny Atkinson. If Tom Thibodeau eventually becomes the man for the job, that’s fine. But it should organically come through a hiring process. This, more than anything else, is what New York needs right now. A process.