Julius Randle makes the Knicks lose patience. His future in New York is uncertain

Credits: nba.com

Without a doubt, Julius Randle is the most famous Knicks player. However, his performances have not been excellent, or at least it has not been as expected. In particular, his way of playing does not really like his teammates who accuse Randle to dribble past too much and not to distribute the ball quickly. In short, Randle is accused of playing too much solo.

Knicks frustrated

RJ Barrett is the player most frustrated by Randle’s way of playing and hasn’t hidden it. The chemistry on the field between Randle and Barrett, who is used to having the ball in his hands, is important with regards to next season. Barret was silent about Randle’s way of playing. One wonders how long he can remain silent.

Randle is the first challenge of Rose

However, the scenarios could suddenly change. Randle could indeed leave the Knicks. Randle is a great player and we don’t know if he will still remain in the Knicks to play another season in a disappointing franchise. Leon Rose could be crucial to retain Randle. For Rose this will be one of the challenges to face.