John Calipari is convinced: “Leon Rose will resurrect the Knicks, but it will take time”

The Knicks are confident on Leon Rose, to return to being a winning franchise. The mission is not the simplest, given that New York Knicks has not reached the Eeastern Conference finals for twenty years. The Knicks have not managed to win by years, despite the fact that great players and coaches have passed through Madison Square Garden. For this reason, the Knicks rely on Leon Rose to return to being competitive. Rose undoubtedly has great experience in the best of the NBA.

One of his clients was John Calipari who expressed good words for the future of the Knicks: “I believe he’s going to do a great job but it’s not going to be in the first month. it may take a year or two for everyone to say, this is the path we’ve been waiting for, this is it”.