Isaiah Hartenstein takes a dig at his longtime enemies

Knicks center Isaiah Hartenstein blames the Nets for falling midway through the second round in the 2017 draft and potentially costing him millions, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Post.

“They reported the red knee to me. I’ve never had knee problems in my life,” Hartenstein said on the “Roommates Show” podcast with hosts Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart ( Apple Podcast link ).

“The only thing I had anything with was my back. I knew that. So I think maybe it’s my back.”

Hartenstein said he heard he was projected as a No. 1 pick. 15-35, but instead he dropped to 43. Second-round picks receive lower salaries and fewer guarantees than first-round picks. The Nets used the No. 22 pick on Jarrett Allen in that draft. Hartenstein is set for unrestricted free agency this offseason and appears to be in for a payday after capitalizing on his opportunity with New York.