Former Knicks Quentin Grimes shares Cryptic X post after controversial loss

Former New York Knicks wing Quentin Grimes posted a cryptic tweet about

Grimes shared a Pistons fan’s tweet about the controversial play that gave the Knicks a 113-111 win on Monday, Feb. 26, with “……………”

He was more direct after the game when he spoke to reporters about the missed call that team boss James Williams later admitted was an error in their judgment.

“I saw him directly behind us,” Grimes told the New York Daily News. “I saw two guys running at [Ausara Thompson], into her legs. Like you said, it wasn’t a guarantee. “If [Jalen Brunson] and the others were on the other end of that call, they [will] get that call.

“But it’s just a matter of respect. You have to earn your way, earn your stripes. You have to get to the playoffs and win some games. So things like that, where you just have to earn respect in this league. We’ll get there, for sure.”