Enes Kanter: “The Turkish government will use Covid-19 for its propaganda”

Credits: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The former Knicks Enes Kanter tells his life in the days of the Coronavirus on foxnews.com. And of course there is also room for the situation in Turkey.

“My family is in Turkey, I hope to be safe, unfortunately I can not talk to them because my mother and my sister would risk criminal. It seems incredible, but it is what has been lived for half a decade now”.

“The country is currently in a partial block, but everything is unpredictable. There is no doubt that the government will use this pandemic for its propaganda, standing as the savior of the homeland”.

“Even in the early days of the epidemic, the government did not lower the level of repression. Prisons are fertile ground for Coronavirus, but the government is more willing to let criminals free, not political prisoners. This is a symbol of their hatred and their ruthlessness”.