Enes Kanter reveals his best moment with the New York Knicks

Credits: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter has embarked on a long career in the NBA as a great man, but has also taken an important role as an outspoken political voice in the fight for human rights in Turkey.

Kanter gave a long interview with Bleacher Report and mentioned his best time with the New York Knicks here:

The Christmas game. We missed it, but seeing that atmosphere was incredible. Especially when you play for the Knicks and see all the celebrity lines. Some of the games you stop playing and just look at who came today. Shakira came, Jimmy Fallon came, Ben Stiller came, Tracy Morgan came, Ronaldo came. So I’m like oh, this has to be my all time favorite city. The atmosphere is definitely my favorite. We would talk to celebrities after winning the game.