Draymond Green backs Sixers to derail Knicks

Draymond Green believes the Philadelphia 76ers will beat the New York Knicks. The two franchises will face each other in the main clash of the opening round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

On Thursday, Sixers big man Paul Reed fueled the fire by claiming the team wanted to face the Knicks. He believed they were an easier opponent than the Boston Celtics.

Philadelphia would have faced the conference leaders if they lost to the Miami Heat in their opening game of the tournament and won their second game.

While Isaiah Hartenstein downplays Reed’s comments, Green agrees that New York is the easier opponent.

“Paul Reed said it, I don’t say it,” Green said. “But we know this is the reality. The New York Knicks are much easier to beat than the Boston Celtics. In fact, I managed to get the New York Knicks beaten by the Philadelphia 76ers. Because, who’s going to stop Joel?… The Miami Heat, who we know would probably beat the Knicks too, that’s neither here nor there… I definitely have Philly because no one is going to stop Joel.