Derrick Rose is returning the player the Knicks want to see

The start of the new New York Knicks season is about to begin and the fans are excited. The fans are hoping not to experience a disappointing season like last year. But last year the Knicks had to do without one of the most important players, Derrick Rose.

But things have changed. Rose is training hard to get back to the levels that compete with her, as this video shows:

Rose reveals that it’s due to her rookie weight and he calls it a “blessing”.

“I haven’t felt this healthy in a long time, returning to my rookie weight,” she said. “195 right now. It’s been, what, 13 years since I got that weight. So it’s a blessing. “

Rose will not be the holder of the squad this season as he is well established as the sixth man for the Knicks. His health will be very important for the team as he brings stability and direction from the bench.

For the Knicks, having a player of Rose’s charisma off the pitch will be a big plus.