Chris Paul doesn’t fit the Knicks timeline

The Knicks idea of ​​acquiring a player who made such a big impact on the Oklahoma City Thunder is intriguing. Especially for a team like the Knicks that hasn’t smelled the playoffs in seven years and one that just hired Tom Thibodeau as the team’s next manager. It’s the kind of assumption that suggests this front office expects to win, at least to some extent, as soon as possible.

Perhaps Chris Paul could be the veteran star who helps this team skip a couple of rebuilding steps. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s wise for the Knicks to acquire a 35-year-old point guard with two years and $ 85 million remaining on his contract. Simply put, it doesn’t fit the Knicks timeline.

While RJ Barrett had some bright moments during his rookie season, it’s not like he’s an up and coming star. If anything, he had moments more troubling than encouraging. That’s not to say he won’t be good at it, just that he may need more time to develop than initially thought.

As young as this team is, the New York Knicks are no Chris Paul far from competing in the Eastern Conference.