Carmelo Anthony says NBA ring culture is over

Retired NBA star Carmelo Anthony recently shared his perspective on the evolving landscape of professional basketball, emphasizing the transformation in players’ priorities from a singular focus on championship rings to a more nuanced consideration of financial stability and success.

Despite not securing an NBA championship during his illustrious career, Anthony’s impact and contributions to the sport remain undeniable, reflecting a broader shift in the league’s culture.

Anthony, known for his dynamic scoring abilities and stellar performances throughout his career, chose to prioritize financial stability in the context of a changing NBA landscape, where players increasingly prioritize securing lucrative contracts over the pursuit of championship titles.

Highlighting the significant monetary opportunities available within the league, Anthony emphasized the significance of players securing substantial financial compensation.

Reflecting on the cultural changes within the NBA, Anthony pointed out the prevalent focus on financial rewards and the recognition that players, despite their remarkable contributions to the sport, may not always attain the coveted championship accolade.

Reiterating the significance of individual achievements and legacies, Anthony emphasized the need for acknowledging the contributions of players who may not have won a championship but have left an indelible mark on the sport, citing respected figures such as Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller as prime examples.

“It was like in the ’80s, ’90s, when it was about ring culture. I think now it’s the money. It’s the bag, It’s let me go get 200 (million) and rightfully so. But the focus is not just rings no more, you know what I mean? You still wanna win the championship but it’s like I’m gonna get the 60 million before I go get the ring,” stated Anthony during a conversation with Zion Olojede of

“So I just think that the mindset has shifted tremendously when it comes to ring culture. Like, there’s no way that guys who haven’t won the ring shouldn’t still get the credit that they deserve. (Charles) Barkley is who he is. You know, Reggie (Miller) is who he is. We are who we are.

“So because we didn’t win the NBA championship, we shouldn’t get credit? Like we should just be dismissed on everything? So I will always kind of disagree with that but as far as ring culture, I think people understand that not everybody can win it,” Anthony emphasized.