Carmelo Anthony praises Joel Embiid’s unstoppable post game

NBA icon Carmelo Anthony, who recently announced his retirement from professional basketball, took a moment to reflect on the skills of current NBA MVP, Joel Embiid.

Speaking to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Anthony couldn’t help but express his admiration for the Philadelphia 76ers’ star player.

“His post game is special,” Anthony acknowledged. “He’s 7’2”, he’s big… he’s just hard to guard. I’ll just keep it 100 with you, he’s a tough guy to check out there on the court.”

Melo further praised Embiid’s ability to dictate the game’s tempo and his newfound dedication to the sport.

“I love the fact that he’s playing at his own pace and right now he’s found his pace of play and he’s taking the game a lot more seriously now as you can see, as we all can see and that’s why he’s able to dominate the way that he’s doing it now.”

Embiid’s performance on the court has left a lasting impression on Anthony. “He’s playing at an all-time high. It’s something that you can’t teach; he has things that you can’t teach. You can sit somebody in the gym all day long, but he just has a feel of something that you can’t teach.”