Carmelo Anthony can change his mind and return to the Knicks

After being knocked out of the playoffs, Carmelo Anthony made it clear that he hopes to return to Portland, where he found a home after being out of the league for several months.

“I pray it can be Portland,” Anthony said in response to where he hopes to play next season [via The Oregonian]. “Honestly, thank God I found a home in Portland. I got along well with the organization. I felt comfortable with the guys on the team. They felt comfortable with me. At this point in my career, I think it’s the best solution for me, the best situation. “

However, SNY’s Ian Begley suggests that perhaps he could warm up to the idea of returning to the Knicks if the team were to mistake for his good friend Chris Paul. Both Anthony and Paul have had a relationship with Leon Rose since Rose led CAA as a players agent.