Brickley on Cole Anthony: He would certainly like to play in New York

There is an obvious connection with Cole Anthony and the New York Knicks.

The first is that the Knicks are looking for a scorer, someone who can handle the role of the crime leader, whether it’s driving to the rack or taking him out of the three, or distributing it to teammates like RJ. Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. Then there is Greg Anthony, a former first Knicks round in 1991 who is Cole’s father. And finally, Cole Anthony grew up in Manhattan, so he knows what it would be like to play in the Big Apple.

Brickley also believes in Anthony’s mentality and the way he works in his profession reflects the type of player needed to play Madison Square Garden every night.

“I asked him,” said Brickley of Anthony becoming a Knick. “He does not want to be recruited by a team that puts him aside and does not make it a priority for development. He wants to be put in a situation where he can be with a good staff of coaches willing to keep improving his game. He would certainly like to play in New York”.

The new team president, Leon Rose, focuses on bringing the Knicks back to glory, and starts by getting the right young talents in the building to lay the groundwork for years to come. The Knicks believe they did it to Barrett, Robinson and others.