Away victory for the Knicks, led by a great Jalen Brunson in Portland

Another good performance from Deandre Ayton (31 points and 14 rebounds) isn’t enough for the Blazers because the defense can’t find answers to Jalen Brunson’s dominance and they lose by going down in the area (58-34 points count in the paint in favor of New York). The Knicks find OG Anunoby (12 points and 9 rebounds) and manage to pass Portland despite shooting 43.7% from the field and 20.7% from three.

The physical problems that forced him to stop for a short time seem to be behind him, and in Portland Jalen Brunson takes the game with 45 points which come first of all thanks to the ferocity with which the Knicks point guard attacks the opponent’s rim, also earning 17 free throws.