Wizards listed as the No. 1 betting favorite. 1 for land Randle

BetOnline released odds on May 22 for Julius Randle‘s next team, should New York choose to trade him, and the list of teams isn’t interesting.

The Wizards are the betting favorites, with the Detroit Pistons , Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors in the top four.

These are all teams that finished the regular season with a record below .500.

And that’s with all the signs coming out of the Big Apple that suggest it will stay in blue and orange. Fred Katz of The Athletic reports that New York has little appetite to trade the All-Star forward.

“The Knicks are not looking to trade Randle,” Katz wrote on May 24 . “But they recognize that their search for a star may require doing so. If a suitable target doesn’t emerge this summer, then they could turn their gaze to the 2025 trade deadline, hoping to land one then.”

This highlights how poor the timing of a trade this summer would be for both sides.

But if the Knicks can’t come to terms with Randle on an interior number that both sides are comfortable with, they’ll have no choice but to explore their options.

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