With Perrin in New York the Knicks could again focus on Donovan Mitchell

It seems that the Knicks have been linked to local product Donovan Mitchell from his early months in the league. Edited 13th in the 2017 NBA draft, five choices after Phil Jackson‘s front office selected Frank Ntilikina, Mitchell quickly turned into a league star.

Perrin is credited with exploring Mitchell and convincing the Utah front office to select him.

Speaking of how Mitchell got on his radar, Perrin claimed to be “close friends” with some agents of the league, including Mitchell’s agent Ty Sullivan. Speaking to Sullivan, Perrin took a first look at Mitchell during a pre-draft workout, and the rest is history.

Mitchell’s name circulated in commercial rumors after teammate Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. Before knowing his diagnosis, Gobert put his teammates at risk with a dismissive attitude towards the potential spread of the new coronavirus. Both Mitchell and his father, who works for the New York Mets, tested positive for the virus.

While the two are presumably ready to move on and leave the ordeal behind, with Perrin in New York, they expect commercial rumors to resume making themselves heard. And perhaps Perrin’s additional push will make a deal.