Will Leon Rose be willing to wait for Kevin Knox or not?

Kevin Knox is perfectly in the middle between staying in New York or leaving the Knicks. We don’t know how much Leon Rose is willing to wait for the development of Knox, which has seen improvements in some areas this season, but above all a regression in an already spectacular rookie campaign.

Knox saw his shooting percentage drop from 37 percent to 35.9 percent, which is a nominal difference, but his performance of 34.3 percent from the center in 2018-19 dropped considerably to 32.7 percent during his second campaign.

The biggest question may be how opposite managers see Knox. It is less untouchable the more value it can still generate on the commercial market. But if the Knicks are selling little on Knox, who is still in the midst of a beginner’s contract, there is no reason to rush a trade until they have a better idea of the type of player he could become.