When the Knicks ruined the party of the Bulls and MJ

The last two episodes of The Last Dance, the Knicks are not put in a good light against the Bulls. But many do not remember the great moments of New York against Michael Jordan instead.

In April ’97, the Bulls were looking to win 70 games for the second consecutive season, a surprising feat considering that no team had won 70 games in a season before them.

Meanwhile, the Knicks were trying to gain a good position for the playoffs. That night the Bulls failed to reach 70 wins, but they also tried to match the 1985-86 Celtics record of 32 home wins.

The Knicks arrive at the United Center and ruin the party of the Bulls. Despite Jordan’s 33-point performance in which he pulled an efficient 14-22 from the field, the Knicks ruined the party for the Bulls with a 103-101 win.

That was the Knicks’ first win in Chicago in three years and their first win in the new Bulls arena.