Video reveals trash talk during Jalen Brunson’s Pacers game

The NBA playoffs are when competition peaks and tempers flare. Even for players like the typically reserved and stoic New York Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson.

The New York point guard had a conversation with Indiana Pacers star Pascal Siakam in Game 4, sparked by the blowout nature of the matchup.

A video on Twitter provides the audio of what was exchanged between the two.

Early in the first half, Siakam shoved Brunson on the final play, prompting the Knicks point guard to send a message.

“It’s a long (expletive) series,” Brunson told Siakam .

Indiana’s win in Game 4 was a success, yes, but it only tied the series at 2-2.

In a best-of-seven NBA series, it’s always too early to start celebrating.

New York will play Game 5 on their home floor at Madison Square Garden and desperately needs the home crowd to revive their efforts after scoring just 89 points in Game 4.

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